• Who am I?I am currently employed at Identity Works. I am also a lecturer and an open source developer.

Updates to Munin Mobile

12.13.11 Posted in Uncategorized by

I just updated my open source project Munin Mobile to use the latest jQuery mobile and also solved some iPhone viewport problems. More info on munin-mobile.com

Feedback from Hyper Island students

11.12.10 Posted in Uncategorized by

I’ve received student feedback from my latest Hyper Island appearance. I was a technical resource for the Digital Media students in Stockholm and Karlskrona. My task was to help the students in both their creative phase (making the abstract ideas concrete) and the actual technical implementation. In short:

  1. “Solid as a rock”
  2. “Very nice and encouraging.”
  3. “Helped us simplify the tech and make the idea have a simple core”
  4. “He is a genius!”

New Lecture Slides

10.15.10 Posted in Lectures by

Every year I hold a lecture at Hyper Island called “Ad <-> Developer communication (and tech+e-commerce)” with the goal to increase the communication between ADs and developers. New this year was a section dedicated to e-commerce (since they have a new e-commerce class).

The lecture went well and I got a lot of valuable feedback. You can view the slides on slideshare.

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